Our Purpose

FolioPros™ exists to provide a unique, direct link between buyers and sellers of training and related consulting services.  By providing a platform for clear and concise communication, we improve the efficiency of the procurement process for both buyers and sellers.

The result is simplification of task, ease of mind, and time savings for individuals and organizations in need of training and consulting, while making the thousands of providers who frequently get lost in the vastness of Internet more visible. In short, we help put leading industry experts into the places they are needed most, quickly and efficiently.

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What We Do

FolioPros™ is a privately held information and brokerage services firm. We provide our clients industrial training and consulting research solutions through the use of our highly detailed and privately held FolioPros™ catalog of industrial service providers.

We know the providers' delivery methods, training objectives, depth of subject matter expertise, scheduling flexibility, languages spoken, certifications and licenses offered, and more.

Who We Are

FolioPros™ was built on the thirty-year industrial training marketing and management career of founder and CEO, John Schuster. His former positions include founder and CEO of American Trainco Inc., President of TPC Trainco (now TPC Training), General Manager of NTT (National Technology Transfer Inc), and Vice-President of Development for Lewellyn Technology.

Mr. Schuster founded FolioPros™ as an alternative solution for buyers of industrial training and consulting services who have a difficult time finding and comparing the service providers they need through the Internet and other traditional digital marketing channels.

Additional Information

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Gulf Publishing Electrical Safety

Randy Barnett explains Motor Starters


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